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Who I am

Dana Canneto


Transformational Guide and Awakening Alchemist for women like you ready to reclaim your beauty, self-worth and power in body, mind and soul!


If you are looking to reclaim who you are, walk your divine path, re-ignite your spirit and embody a life filled with passion, freedom and beauty than you are in the right place!

my mission

To empower WOMEN to own, celebrate and embody who they are.

To help WOMEN break free from the confines of society & LIBERATE. 

To encourage honoring & nurturing the physical, emotional and spiritual body

so that they can fully step into their beauty, power and purpose. 

my story

my story

dana canneto

Before I had my major breakthrough, I spent over a decade battling with my relationship towards self.


There was a time when I didn’t know who I was or where I belonged. I did however know how to put up a very good facade by “doing” and “being” who I thought I “should” be to earn my acceptance in the world.


As a highly sensitive woman with very little confidence, I felt out of control with life so I started taking control of the one thing I thought I could control and that was my body.


I can remember looking back at myself in the mirror and staring back at me was this young woman, her face gaunt, and eyes nearly lifeless. Her brow heavy in despair and her joy completely wrung dry from years of obsession, overindulgence to deprivation and mustn’t we forget self-loathing.


In this moment, it was as if I was looking at a stranger, vaguely aware of the tenuous cord tethering her shell –  to her fragmented mind, body and soul. What’s happening to me? I am the victim of a body that is purely against me. Eventually I hear her whisper back at me..


“No. YOU are against your body”


every woman’s birthright

I believe it is every woman’s birthright to feel beautiful, whole, sensual and divine.

It is time for every woman to own, celebrate and embody who they are so they can live from a place of freedom and spirit. 

It is time for every woman to FREE themselves from societal misperceptions of who they SHOULD be and take a stand for their divine presence in the world just as they are.


Ready to embody who you are & taste the Sweetness of Life?

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Body Awakening Rituals