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My Offerings



What absolutely brings me alive is this transformational work in guiding women back home to their light, their magic and mystery that is cherished so deep within their bodies and souls, yet have not given themselves permission to unleash and embrace. 

I am never one to tell you who you are or how you “should” be, I am simply here to re-affirm what it is you already know deep within you, and guide you back to your highest potential. 

But, first, you must remember who you are give yourself permission to step into her – the wild, sovereign & powerful beauty that you are – to let your hair down, sink your toes into the mud, and roar a ravenous roar of desire to be who you are with reverence and utmost delight. 

There is a divine ancient wild and wise feminine beauty within you, ready to come alive!  


All you have to do is begin! … 







Wild Beauty Path

Coming Home to Yourself
1:1 Mentorship/Group Experience


Wild Beauty Revival is a 9-week journey where I support you on your path of waking up to the truth of who you are.  Here you will “remember” your light, your purpose and step out of the conventional path carved for you onto the Wild Beautiful path you are here to walk and be!  Click the button below to schedule clarity call with me to explore working together. 






Reclaiming Your Sacred Sovereignty
1:1 Mentorship


Embody is a 1:1 Private Mentorship where I support you on your path of awakening to your highest expression and potential of (self)love, light, magic, creativity and sovereignty.  Click the button below to schedule clarity call with me to explore working together. 






Revival Dance®

Virtual Group or 1:1 Experience


This is a 11-week group journey that encompasses a divinely downloaded methodology in music and movement that re-awakens your soul and revive’s your spirit.  Stay tuned for when this will launch again – Summer 2021!  Also delivered as a 1:1 mentorship at this time – click below to contact me to learn more. 






1:1 Virtual Sessions


1:1 Mentorship into your sacred emergence out of the cocoon of suffering into to the light of embodying your sacred purpose.  Emerge as the sacred feminine warrior you are here to – alive, in beauty and on purpose! Live, be and walk your divine path, harness your spiritual abilities, own them and embody them by the end of our time together.  Click below to contact me to learn more. 






Click one of the options above to hop on a call so we can understand next steps in terms of what is a right fit for you.  If none of these times work for you, email directly to schedule. 


Email me at dana@danacanneto for any further questions.