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Work With Me

All programs and sessions are available virtually or in-person


With the type of work I do, it’s almost hard to put into words.  There is an alchemy of beauty that happens in each session and there is no “one size fit’s all” which excites me greatly.  One of my innate gifts is the ability to “see you” and to intuit the gathering of necessary tools and practices in which I call “medicine” to assist you with your intended transformation.  Think of a session with me somewhat of a gorgeous graceful ceremonial journey where in the end, we ignite a fire within you that brightens your light and creates a sense of restoration in your entire body and a revival of your spirit and soul!

If you are one who feels deeply in her body and who is ready to regain access to her power and her innate joy, let me be your guide.  If you are being called for something greater and perhaps you are unsure how to get there let me show you the way.  If you are struggling at this time through waves of grief, self-doubt and fear, often wanting to control your sensitivities in an insensitive world and run away from your empathic-ness, finding it hard to feel alive and revitalized, allow me to revive you to your natural state of being.   If you are one who feels trapped by the confines you have been living in and longing to be set free in body, mind and soul… I say, “heck yeah!”… Let’s GO!


I see you sister!


Your fun and wild spirit is ready to be unleashed.  Your body is wanting to be loved, embraced and listened to.  She’s waking up to her innate power, her gifts and the world needs you more than ever! It’s time to answer to your body’s calls and awaken to your divinity.

I offer 1:1 private sessions, group programs and packages in-person or virtually, each catered to your personal needs and intentions. I create ceremonial space for you and your evolution.  With my hefty “medicine” bag of spiritual and practical tools, I will guide you home to yourself where you will reconnect with YOUR truth, embrace your beauty, regain your self-worth, joy, power and purpose and I say WELCOME!

I invite you to take a deep breath, sink into your belly and feel what it would feel like to be supported, held and loved on your journey towards reclaiming these parts of you that may have gotten lost along the way.  This experience will be like no other!


It’s Time to Come Alive!



Let’s start off by getting to know one another so I can understand your needs.

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I hold private sessions in Briarcliff, NY and virtual sessions via zoom, skype or by phone.

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Email me at dana@danacanneto to set up an appt. or click here to book a free consult