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Work With Me



With the type of work I do, it’s almost hard to put into words…  


There is an alchemy of beauty that happens in each session and there is no “one size fit’s all” which excites me greatly.  

One of my innate gifts is the ability to “see you” and to intuit the gathering of necessary tools and practices in which I call “medicine” to assist you with your intended transformation.  Think of a session with me somewhat of a gorgeous graceful ceremonial journey where in the end, we ignite a fire within you that brightens your light and creates a sense of restoration in your entire body and a revival of your essence, spirit and soul!

You might ask, “How do you do this? What is it that you do? 


My modalities and medicine are, and is multi-faceted. I infuse energy healing with mind-body centric work. I use my empathic and intuitive sense to intuit what is needed to guide you back to your truth whilst gently releasing what no longer serves you.  I act as your guide and spaceholder throughout the process.  I will assist you in your transformation from feeling emotionally and physically heavy to feeling alive and on purpose, from feeling discomfort in your body to feeling “at home” in your body.  To feeling disconnected from your feminine essence to feeling connected again in your beauty, grace and divinity.   I assist you in transmuting darkness into light, and a catalyst for your healing, growth, transformation, transmutation, rebirth, or whatever it is you are calling in yourself.

Some of the modalities I use use are somatic practices, energy healing, embodiment-focused facilitation, sacred dance, shamanic journeying, intuitive guidance, meditation, spiritual practices, rituals, self care practices, nutritional guidance and working with the rhythm of your own ancient body wisdom…and more!  

It’s magic, it’s alchemy and it’s yours to experience and watch the beauty that will unravel. 


How it works…. 


There are a few ways you can work with me….


1:1 Private Immersion:


In-person or virtually where we meet for an initial session two hour session followed by 5 (72 minute) sessions thereafter.  You will also have access to me in between sessions via the voxer app (which is free), email and/or limited text messaging for on-going support.  This is a safe space for your healing and transformation.  There is always opportunity for on-going support if needed as well (see other options below). Yet, this is not always needed and on case by case basis!

Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me. 


1:1 Private Ceremony: 


In-person or virtual, where we meet for 5-6 very sacred hours for your own private ceremonial experience infused with ritual, sacred lunch and intuitive guidance based on the intentions you come with in your first session, which will be an initial 90 minute clarity session (In person or zoom).  This personalized ceremony is for you to experience your own divine essence, beauty, and power, as you release all the old conditioning that you have been believing and holding onto about yourself.  This works as a pathway to your purpose if that is what you are seeking.  Each one is personalized and divinely constructed for you.  The ceremony will be followed by (2) 45-minute (virtual or in-person) check-ins.  You will walk away with elements (both physical and spiritual) to keep as your ongoing support.  I cannot express in words what you will feel like after this experience but to say that you will feel lighter, free’er and more in love with yourself than ever before. Note: The virtual structure is a bit different which we can discuss on your complimentary call that you can schedule below. 

Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me. 


1:1 Virtual or In-Person Ongoing Support:


This is for you if you like to get quick action and bite-sized yet powerful ongoing support.  We will meet for one – 2 hour session or two 1 hour sessions monthly, in-person or virtually to get clear on your intentions, followed by ongoing support via the voxer app, email or text during the month.   You are able to pay via month by month basis and you can think of this as your virtual guide who is with you every step of the way as you unravel this magical, mysterious and often times burdensome (yet always beautiful) journey to what it is you are seeking support with.  There are also opportunities to do more live / virtual sessions in between as add-ons.  It’s catered to your sensitive system and needs.

Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me. 


1:1 Divine Creation – Sessions & Packages:


I love to work with my clients in what suits them best. If you are looking for scheduling a 1:1 session, let’s do that so we can understand better next steps in terms of packages and programs personalized for you.  I can be seen in person at my local space at 130B Grand Street, Croton-on-Hudson, NY or virtually please email me at dana@danacanneto to schedule an appointment or call me at 914-419-2238. 


Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me. 


Group Facilitated Online Journeys:


Revival Dance® – An 11-week online journey through music and movement, I refer to as “sacred dance”.  To learn more click here.. Registration NOW OPEN. We began May 15th, 2019 yet I keep it open 2 weeks into the program for you to catch up! To learn more click here.

All the information and where you can register is here.


Wild Beauty™ Rising – A 9-month virtual journey in an intimate setting which includes, 1:1 facilitation, sacred movement rituals, energy work, monthly recordings plus 2 monthly Q&A and Support calls.   This is a deeper soul-dive and extension to Revival Dance® and usually by invitation only once you complete Revival Dance. 

Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me. 


Workshops and Women’s Circles:


Check out the Workshops tab here for updates.


See below in how to get started!



Let’s start off by getting to know one another so I can understand your needs.

Click here to book a free initial phone consultation


I hold private sessions and workshops in a beautiful healing space in Croton-on-Hudson, NY and virtual sessions via zoom, skype or by phone.

Check out Revival Dance® coming again – September 2019 yet May is still open for Registration here.

Email me at dana@danacanneto to set up an appt. or click here to book a free consult