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Work With Me

All programs and sessions are available virtually or in-person


With the type of work I do, it’s almost hard to put into words.  There is an alchemy of beauty that happens in each session and there is no “one size fit’s all” which excites me greatly.  One of my innate gifts is the ability to “see you” and to intuit the gathering of necessary tools and practices in which I call “medicine” to assist you with your intended transformation.  Think of a session with me somewhat of a gorgeous graceful ceremonial journey where in the end, we ignite a fire within you that brightens your light and creates a sense of restoration in your entire body and a revival of your spirit and soul!

If you are one who feels deeply in her body and who is ready to regain access to her power and her innate joy, let me be your guide.  If you are being called for something greater and perhaps you are unsure how to get there let me show you the way.  If you are struggling at this time through waves of grief, shame, self-doubt and fear, often wanting to control your sensitivities in an insensitive world and run away from your empathic-ness, finding it hard to feel alive and revitalized, allow me to revive you to your natural state of being.   If you are one who feels trapped by the confines you have been living in and longing to be set free in body, mind and soul… I say, “heck yeah!”… Let’s GO!


I see you sister!


Your fun and wild spirit is ready to be unleashed.  Your body is wanting to be loved, embraced and listened to.  She’s waking up to her innate power, her gifts and the world needs you more than ever! It’s time to answer to your body’s calls and awaken to your divinity.

I offer 1:1 private sessions, group programs and packages in-person or virtually, each catered to your personal needs and intentions. I create ceremonial space for you and your evolution.  With my hefty “medicine” bag of spiritual and practical tools, I will guide you home to yourself where you will reconnect with YOUR truth, embrace your beauty, regain your self-worth, joy, power and purpose and I say WELCOME!

I invite you to take a deep breath, sink into your belly and feel what it would feel like to be supported, held and loved on your journey towards reclaiming these parts of you that may have gotten lost along the way.  This experience will be like no other!


It’s Time to Come Alive!




Below you will find all the ways you can work with me.


These are for you if you are a sensitive soulful woman who has simply forgotten who she is, feeling lost and stuck on her life’s path whether that be in relationship, soul purpose, career and most likely ascending through her awakening journey which might be causing much emotional havoc played out as grief, shame and therefore disconnecting from her divine essence. She is wanting to reclaim herself once and for all!

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Returning to Self


Re-Awaken is a 1:1 deeply personalized private mentoring quest where I will guide you through an alchemic process of returning to your divine nature.  I will incorporate all the magical tools I have in my medicine bag such as mentoring, somatic work, magic, movement and energy healing.  This is just the beginning of the Body Divinity Journey toward remembering all of who you are. It’s about re-awakening your body to your true essence, your senses, joy, purpose and passions!

As a sensitive empathic soul, you may have repressed old wounds that are now stored in the body. You likely have conformed to your surroundings to feel safe in the physical world or have nurtured and cared for others while forgetting about yourself and along the way, you lost your self.  You forgot who you are!

With Re-Awaken you will remember and restore who you are and return to your divinity.  You will release feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness while waking up to your wise wildhearted woman and embody a deeper level of self-love, compassion and self-trust.   In the end, you will feel a sense of renewal, restoration and rebirthed into the one of you who is empowered to live her life on her terms and with joy, beauty and reverence for who she is.  You will reclaim your innate gifts and know where you are headed on your life’s path. Your spirit will be revived and your joy will be re-ignited.

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The Path to Embodied Freedom


Re-Emerge is a 1:1 deeply personal excursion where I will be guiding you through nine signature portals towards what I call, Embodied Freedom. This is a direct passageway to freedom where you will re-wild your divine spirit into existence!  It’s a revival of our divine essence, beauty, joy and full embodied self-expression. You will find home within your divine body temple and re-activate the wise wild woman within.

We will be re-activating the parts of you that have been dormant for some time now causing you to feel caged in and cut off from your divine nature. You will FEEL your magic through this experience as I guide you through a  journey of utilizing my creation of Revival Danceas a 1:1 personal experience.

This excursion will take you to the island of you, reclaiming your essence and empowering you to walk your divine path, in all your beauty and unleashing your most authentic self!

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Revival Dance™

A Revival of You



Revival Dance will be a 9-week facilitated virtual group journey where you will move through the 9 main portals of self-discovery towards liberation and what I call “Embodied Freedom” through movement, mentorship and community.  It will be a journey of releasing, remembering, rediscovering and reclaiming who you naturally are.   It’s an opportunity to unfurl your wings and fly!  A chance to feel your essence and truly reclaim yourself!

Look out for the group virtual program to launch in Summer of 2018! 




Body Divinity Tribe Private Facebook Group


This is THE community to connect with other sensitive soulful women who are on the same journey as you. It’s where you will be fed with inspiration, practices and tools as well as have access to live FB events where I’ll be sharing relevant threads and you can ask questions and get live real-time answers from me and lastly, where you have permission to show up JUST AS YOU ARE!


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Not sure which options is right for you?


That’s OK! Book your free consult with me by clicking here and I will help you decide what’s the best fit.



In-Person Sessions:


I offer 1:1 in-person sessions in Briarcliff Manor, NY.  Email me at or call 914-419-2238 to schedule a session.


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