My Offerings - Dana Canneto
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What absolutely brings me alive...

What absolutely brings me alive is this transformational work in guiding women back home to the magic and mystery that is cherished so deep within their bodies and souls, yet have not given themselves permission to unleash and express in their life and business.

I am never one to tell you who you are or how you “should” be, I am simply here to re-affirm what it is you already know deep within you, and guide you back to your highest potential.

It’s time to create more magic in your mission and more wealth from your work!!

There is a divine ancient wild and wise Luminary leader within you, ready to come alive!

Let’s do this!

Luminary Soul Expression

VIP Immersion

This involves a 4-hour (1:1) session + two follow up sessions. This is sacred work where I will I sit in ceremony through a shamanic process of tuning into my guides to retrieve imprints and guidance on your unique soul expression and your feminine archetype when it comes to your unique purpose, your sacred work, your leadership language, your mission and your divine assignment. for You will walk away with deeper clarity, confidence and conviction. Within these 4 hours we not only go into what was shared with me in the ceremony but will intuitively lead to us into strategizing, clearing, releasing blocks, fears, and doubts so you can walk away…




This includes The Soul Expression Immersion followed by a three month very intimate container where we will meet weekly to move through any blocks around you stepping into your Unique Calling and Feminine Expression. This will start off with the VIP Immersion followed by an organic flowing container of Coaching, Intuitive Guidance, Energy work, and whatever the Universe has in store for us to facilitate your deepest transformation when it comes to your life, business, brand, and even relationships, as it’s all connected.

Luminary Essence

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This A 9-MONTH GROUP program particularly for soul-inspired ASPIRING AND EMERGING female LEADERS ready to dance their way to purpose. For women who are ready to quantum leap their ascension journey, uncover, embody and step into their highest calling, trust their intuition, honor their feminine and step into this new paradigm of “being” vs. “doing” for success to take place. This is for women who know there is something still in the way of them feeling alive, whole and lit up by life who are ready to release from ancestral and feminine wounds so they can embody their true essence, power and magic.


Luminary Sanctuary


A spiritual Community for soul-led mission driven emerging and current day leaders committed to growing, evolving and expanding into their deeper gifts, their vision, mission and looking to be a part of a global community of ever rising leaders who are here to shift the paradigm to live and lead from soul. This will include opportunities to share your gifts with the community, “soul-weave” (aka network) with other leaders and so much more. This is a monthly membership that is by connection only to ensure we keep a safe and sacred container. If this is calling to you, you can schedule a connection call with Dana here to learn more.

Click below to book a call and fill out the application

Highest level 1:1 Container with Dana by Application Only.




"I was floating for a few days after our session, knowing I was "seen" and who I knew I was. From there, I had the clarity I needed to move forward on my life path personally and professionally, it. was Magical! If you are unsure about your purpose and path in the world, if you are hesitating to embody all of who you can be...
Go work with Dana!"

~ Donna Ashton

"Since working with Dana, I've never been more honest with myself. I've let go of guilt and shame and unworthiness that has consumed me since I was a little girl, and I feel finally at a place of deserving. I feel like I matter for once. that everything makes sense now. That in and of itself is gold to me. like hitting the internal lotto. I I feel definitely more empowered in my body, in my self. I am finally excited to be alive."

~ Lisa Moran

"I couldn’t have imagined how profoundly working with Dana would impact my business and personal life. She had an intuitive understanding of my inner self, effortlessly drawing out aspects of me that I had long suppressed. This newfound awareness has allowed me to show up more authentically in my branding and fully embrace my superpower. Thanks to Dana, I am now more confident and aligned with my true self, both in my professional endeavors and personal growth."

~ Kim Russo

"After Dana’s program, I am now a very different person. I found my purpose, healed ancestral and childhood trauma, resolved my grief, gained so much self confidence, self worth and self belief that I am now unrecognizable as the person I once was. I left my job and started my new holistic business. I have healed the relationship with my husband to where we can enjoy each other’s company, so much more than we have in many, many years. I feel positive and peaceful about the future. Many people have commented on this, so it is not only me who sees the changes. I just look at my family and cannot believe that the healing I have done could have such a profound effect on those closest to me. But the evidence is right before me."

~ Dianne Colacino