The Luminary Woman Home - Dana Canneto
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To Live Your Legacy is to become the divine expression you’re here to be.



A Guide to Aligned Purpose and Embodied Living.

A Sacred Guide to help you connect with the Luminary Woman Within and become the embodiment of your highest expression.

As women, we were taught to be silenced...

We’re taught to walk this conventional path, so we do just that.

To only then find yourself getting caught up in the loop of dissatisfaction and losing years of experiencing what your Soul truly wants. Feeling misaligned and disconnected from your deeper purpose and diminishing your highest expression.

You are here for a divine assignment...

One that is aligned with your soul!

Now is the time to lay down the noise in your mind, reconnect to your body, integrate the sacred and follow the beat of your own drum because once you step into your true destiny and embody your highest calling with full trust, conviction and clarity, your life will never be the same!

You were born during this time for a reason!

You’re here to thrive as a luminous woman who is here to do things differently. You’re here to change the paradigm to a more heart-centered life where you’re gifts are fully expressed and embodied.

This is the missing link to your true prosperity...

Whether you are a professional woman, a budding entrepreneur or emerging leader seeking the next evolution of your true purpose, knowing there is more to be expressed when it comes to your divine assignment, this is for you!

If this is pulling at your heartstrings, click below to have a conversation.

Hi, I'm Dana...

I support soul-inspired visionary women who are ready to embody the next incarnation of their souls’ path so they can feel alive and thrive in all areas of their life.

I believe…

That all suffering stems from not being the full expression of who we are and therefore not living in alignment with our truth and purpose. It is every human’s birthright to shine their luminous light into the world with confidence and conviction and when you do this, that is when the world will heal.

I take a stand for…

Every woman embodying her unique feminine essence, seen in her deeper gifts, fulfill her destined purpose and in turn break the generational cycles of shame and unworthiness so she can experience the level of freedom and wealth she is here to receive.

As a Woman…

Who has been through my own rites of passage towards embodying my deeper purpose and reclaiming my feminine magic, there is nothing that brings me greater joy than watching a woman step into who she truly is, become a clear channel for her deepest soul’s expression to emerge and create the greatest impact in her life and the world around her.

The Luminary Woman…

Is an invitation to become the frequency of who you are here to be, as not just as a beacon of light in your work in the world but with your families, in your relationships, and embodied with radical Self-trust and Sovereignty.

Where to start



~ Lisa M. Stenographer

“I was so confused when I started working with Dana, and I have felt clear since the first session.  That in and of itself is gold to me, like hitting the internal lotto. I feel more empowered in myself.  I am excited and feel alive!”

~ Karen, Artist

“Working with Dana has been an amazing beautiful gift.  She is highly intuitive, compassionate and insightful. She provides nourishing, transformative guidance that is truly soulful and divine.  This symbolic wisdom helped me increase my self- awareness and deeply connect to my higher-self. There were so many synchronicities with Dana's support. This beautiful journey has also awakened my soul’s purpose and cultivated more joy and abundance in my life. Thank you Dana for sharing your magical gifts!”

~ Mary Grothe

Reiki Practitioner

“I did the Immersion with Dana and was amazed at how spot on she was.  She shared something that ended up being very profound and pivotal for me.  I love working with Dana.  She is so gifted and I will be doing for sure working  with her again in the future.”

~ Jennifer Peterson

Equus Life & Business Coach & Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher

“I had a mind blowing experience working with Dana! She gave me so much clarity!   She is gifted and she is a wonderful human to spend time with. She proved to me that we are made of star stuff…as if I needed any more proof. Hire this woman immediately. She is brilliant.  Do not hesitate. This woman is pure magic.  With gratitude,”