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Welcome to your becoming…



As you awaken the Wild and Beautiful Being within you.


One who governs her own body, life and path.
One who holds magick and mystery and knows what she desires.
One who embodies love, laughter and beauty


Who is the epitome of the Divine Feminine Within


She’s your Embodied Empress™


An Embodied Woman of Sovereign Beauty, Creative Power and who walks her divine path!



Dear Beauty…






I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Dana!



My deepest passion & greatest joy is guiding women back home to themselves – to your true innate beauty, where you embody your wild, sovereign, free and empowered spirit, unleash yourself from the shackles of should’s and cages of conditioning – to awaken to who you truly are! 



As women, we are taught the importance of being appropriate to be accepted…



We’re taught to put on a brave and pretty face.

We’re taught to put others above ourselves.

We learn to keep our dreams and desires (small) and in check.

We learn to suppress our femininity for fear of being too much.

We’re careful not to be too confident or too powerful so not to outshine others

We’re taught we need to fit into society’s beauty ideals.

We’re taught to be polite, and to push down our emotions.

We’re taught to silence those inner voices that want more.

We’re taught to shut down our intuitive knowing and in turn lose our inner compass.

We’re taught to suppress our sensitivity for fear of looking weak



So we do.



We strive to “be” for others, and in the process, we end up silencing our inner truth – living a life that’s appropriate to others, rather than living our own authentically sovereign, beautiful & fully expressed lives…



And the truth is…..



It’s crushing our spirits, our intuition, and our joy…and it’s leaving us feeling lifeless, alone, unsure, and yearning for deeper connection… and striving for something more… such as freedom, joy, purpose, and fulfillment.


We want to feel ALIVE!


I want to guide you towards that ALIVENESS and awaken that inner joy that is within you, to that beauty that exists around you and that you so deserve!   And it starts with you remembering who you are, releasing shame, guilt, self-doubt, karmic wounds and ancestral patterns that keep you from fully embracing, loving and embodying your primal beauty, and divine light…



It starts with you…and here’s where you can begin!



Through the path of reviving (what I have coined) your “Wild Beauty”™ – your most primal, natural, untethered essence of who you are – you re-awaken this aliveness within – of purpose, confidence and drive, who channels and embodies her inner Empress – the one who governs her own life  and trusts her inner wisdom. She knows she is divine, beautiful, powerful, wholly and carries the essence and magick of unconditional love, abundance, nurturance and is the epitome of the Sacred Feminine. She represents Love and Beauty as much as death and rebirth – not afraid to shine. She is the Warrioress within you. She’s wild and untamed and she is here to create, execute and manifest her wildest dreams on her terms.  Yet, until you get to know her, she is tucked away inside.  She will stay stuck in the mundane world of challenge and struggle.  So, if you are ready to uncage yourself from self-doubt, struggle and unleash your gifts so you can live at your highest potential of beauty, lure, ecstasy, love, abundance, aliveness and delight then welcome home. I’d love to be your guide!

 Move from Tamed & Ashamed


to embodying your Inner Empress


After supporting hundreds of women, here’s what I know to be true:


Divine Magick and Intuition is innate within each one of us..

Deep beyond the wounds of conditioning, there is the infinite truth of your path and purpose waiting to be reclaimed.

Beyond what your eyes may see, you behold the essence of beauty – that is ready to be embraced.

That there is this divinely wild and creative Empress waiting to be re-awakened and revived.

And because she exists in each of us, all you have to do is remember who you are.

Deepen into your ancient roots – reconnect to your heart, body and soul, and discover the sovereign power within… 


And Revive your Wildly Embodied Empress …


She’s beckoning you home.



This is a magical journey, and I invite you join me…


a little about me…

I am a spaceholder, empathic healer, alchemist, mystic, dreamer, gatherer, lover of beauty and transformation, intuitive guide and modern day medicine woman, and of course, every day intentionally live through embodying my inner Empress. And what absolutely brings me alive is this transformational work in guiding women back home to their light, magick and mystery that is cherished so deep within their bodies and souls, yet have not given themselves permission to unleash and embrace. 


I am never one to tell you who you are or how you “should” be, I am simply here to re-affirm what it is you already know deep within you, yet might not be able to put words to.


I am here to help you remember who you are and offer you permission to step into the sovereign, wild & primal beauty of yourself – to let your hair down, sink your toes into the mud, and roar a ravenous roar of desire to be who you are with reverence and the utmost delight. To embody your inner Empress of love, compassion, creativity, clarity and of course, beauty.


There is a divine ancient wild and wise feminine essence within you, ready to come alive!


All you have to do is begin…




Re-Awaken Your Inner Empress

Ignite Your Inner Empress by downloading my free Body Rituals PDF & join my tribe:


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