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You Have a


Deeper Calling…


You were born during this time for a reason!
Your soul contains deep medicine that is still in hiding. The missing link to your true prosperity and once you embody and share it with the world, look out! 
Let’s raise our glass (or wand or sword) and say “yes” to the uncaging of your deeper calling so you can live out your deepest purpose and create more magic in your mission and more wealth in your work in the world. 
Whether you are a professional woman seeking your next evolution of your true purpose or a female entrepreneur knowing that there is more for you to express when it comes to your divine assignment, this is for you!






I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Dana!



My deepest passion & greatest joy is guiding women back home to the magic that lives within them. Where they remember who they are, unleash their deeper calling, and embodies her inner leader inside and out.  


As you uncover the true essence of your medicine and souls expression, all while unbecoming from any shackles of should’s and cages of conditioning that are still existing in your very paradigm, your life and business will never be the same! 



As women, we are taught to be silenced, appropriate and nice…so we do just that!


You may be running your life and business from a misaligned space just to feel safe, hiding out your true gifts and diminishing your overall brand.  You hold the keys to sacred magic yet I get it, the fear of revealing this part of ourselves is real as women.


I’m here to guide you and lead you to that deeper expression and give you permission to not only access her but EMBODY her to your fullest for more freedom and bliss in your life, relationships and professional path.



You are here for a divine assignment…..


Does your life and business feel stale, stagnant and missing something? If so, I’m so glad you’re here still on this page.  That is because your soul is suppressed, your spirit is longing for MORE magic in your life and especially in your business or business to be, if you’re still on the path of figuring that one out! 


Here’s where you can begin!


Click here to schedule a soul expression exploratory call so you can create more wealth and freedom in your life and business.

 Move from Confusion and Doubt 


to Clarity and Conviction



What Women are saying …



“I was so confused when I started working with Dana, and I have felt clear since the first session.  That in and of itself is gold to me, like hitting the internal lotto.  I never made decisions for myself, and people pleased uncontrollably, all that has changed.  I feel more empowered in my self.  I am excited and feel alive!”  – Lisa M. Stenographer


“I had a mind blowing experience working with Dana! She gave me so much clarity!   She is gifted and she is a wonderful human to spend time with. She proved to me that we are made of star stuff…as if I needed any more proof. Hire this woman immediately. She is brilliant.  Do not hesitate. This woman is pure magic.  With gratitude,”  – Jennifer Peterson, Equus Life & Business Coach & Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher


“I did the Immersion with Dana and was amazed at how spot on she was.  My sister passed away recently and she shared something that ended up being very profound and pivotal for me.  I love working with Dana.  She is so gifted and I will be doing for sure working  with her again in the future.”   – Mary Grothe, Reiki Practitioner


“Working with Dana has been an amazing beautiful gift.  She is highly intuitive, compassionate and insightful. She provides nourishing, transformative guidance that is truly soulful and divine.  This symbolic wisdom helped me increase my self- awareness and deeply connect to my higher-self. There were so many synchronicities with the support of Dana’s intuition. This beautiful journey has also awakened my soul’s purpose and cultivated more joy and abundance in my life.  Thank you Dana for sharing your magical gifts!” – Karen, Artist, New York



a little about me…

I am a Feminine Essence and Soul Purpose guide helping Feminine Visionaries, Thought Leaders, Paradigm Shifters, Changemakers, Healers, Coaches who are looking for clarity on the next incarnation of their Soul’s Purpose and life’s path.


As a woman who has been through my own rites of passage towards embodying my deeper purpose, my deepest passion and greatest joy is watching the magic that unfolds when a woman steps into her embodied feminine presence and becomes a clear channel for her deepest purpose to emerge.


As a byproduct, she creates more wealth and vitality in all areas of her life and steps into a space of Aligned Feminine Freedom.

From a very young age, I could feel the intensity of the world, I shut that down and in turn, shut down my body, my intuition and my gifts.  Until I woke up in 2010 to knowing I had a deeper mission here on the planet and I had to go seek it!


Now, as an intuitive guide and modern day medicine woman, what absolutely brings me alive is this transformational work in guiding women back home to the magick that is cherished so deep within their bodies so they can unleash and embody their souls divine expression and brand. 


I am here to help you remember your soul signature, and your unique medicine so so you can create be fully expressed and create more aligned wealth in your life and business.

Your Purpose lives in your Body…

 Download my free Body Rituals for reconnection and to receive insightful inspiration via email:



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