My Story - Dana Canneto
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My Story

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Most of my life, as I look back, I never truly knew who I was or where I belonged. I did however know how to put up a very good facade by “doing” and “being” who I thought I “should” be to earn my acceptance in the world.


As a young sensitive soul with very little confidence, I took on the desires and needs of others as my own, lost my sense of self and therefore, felt out of control with life.  Over time, as I hit my early twenties, I started taking control of the one thing I thought I could control and that was my body.


As an empath and sensitive soul, I could feel everything, not realizing in those moments, more than what I was feeling, wasn’t even mine.  I found it hard to be present and in my body, I felt disconnected from my truth, unable to see my true beauty through a dysmorphic view of myself, and my spirit felt sucked dry of its true essence. My confusion in who I am, what am I to become?


I felt powerless!


After finding myself passed out on my floor due to my out of control self-deprecation and deprivation through an eating disorder, along with other addictive vices to help me disconnect, was when I decided to make this so called “burdened” life into a journey of healing.  I had a choice in that moment to continue to suffer or to take this opportunity to start over and create the life of my calling. 


I began my physical healing journey… but from there, I had no idea what was to come next.  


Just a few short weeks after my father passed away in 2010, I had a spiritual awakening that rocked me to my knees in sobbing tears, with a voice saying that I was not living my life, and that simple question of “Who am I?” became my mantra.


This catapulted me into a deep inner journey of introspection and figuring out who I was and where I fit into this landscape of earth.  I found myself seeking spiritual guidance and in the midst of that, teachers showed up in just the right time and with my insatiable hunger for growth, I immersed myself in teachings and trainings along the lines of holistic health, life coaching, somatic facilitation, shamanic healing, Energy medicine, sacred dance, ancient archetypes, became a student of the 13 Moon Priestess Path and you name it, all to reclaim the parts of me I lost along the way of life, healing my body, mind, soul and spirit so that I could guide others on their journey, and let me be clear, I will always continue on this path – as we are always evolving, growing, expanding towards wholeness.  


This is when my gifts began to show themselves. Gifts I always had but never quite understood how to receive such as my psychic abilities, empathic gifts, and being a divine spaceholder, to where I can tune in, feel and see who you truly are on a soul level and to feel what’s blocking you from being in that divine expression of yourself,  intuitively guiding you ever so gently and lovingly back home to yourself, to get you back on your truest path.


After years or releasing layers of low self-worth and confidence, I have been able to help hundreds of others transform their relationship to themselves so that they can live the life of their calling and nothing brings me more alive than that! .


I am known to be a guide for awakening women who are trying to find their way home back to themselves, their truth, their purpose, power, and beauty.  Women who are ready to reclaim their sacred sovereignty rather than follow the paths others have created for them and in turn, give their power away.   I assist women to deepen into the wisdom of their bodies as an ancient “remembering” of who they truly are as empowered, embodied, lights that are here to assist in raising the consciousness of humanity.


My life has transformed in to many ways through this work that I can’t ever hold back from sharing it with others. I have a relationship with my husband has healed from being close to broken to a beautiful relationship of love and connection.  Through this path, I found my sacred purpose and as I was sitting deep in the woods years ago asking for guidance from spirit as to what is my very next step, what is it I am to share with women, the first thing I heard was “WILD BEAUTY”.  I had goosebumps all over, I knew what that meant and it’s my intention to guide you towards your innate WILD BEAUTY and come home to the pure essence of who you are! 


To find out how I can support you, you can click here.



Dana Canneto is a women’s embodiment coach and Intuitive, creatrix of Wild Beauty Revival Movement and guiding women to Embody who they are. Her work is driven by her belief that beauty is the gateway to all healing and that the body is the access point to one’s own feminine power, freedom and joy. 


She works with women who are ready to let go of the constructs of society and familial systems, embody their light, reclaim their feminine power and embrace their truth and beauty. Through their work together, her aim is to guide them from suffering to sovereignty, confusion to clarity, worthlessness to worthiness, and broken to beautiful, so they can feel alive and free to walk their divine path. 


Her work consists of a combination of modalities such as somatic facilitation, spiritual mentoring, energy healing, coaching, intuitive guidance, shamanic practices, drumming, and movement but above all else, her key ingredient is her ability to hold sacred safe space so you feel seen heard and validated, and most known by her clients for her loving, down-to-earth, non-judgmental approach with an  undying knack for beauty and transformation.