My Story - Body Divinity
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My Story

dana canneto

Before I had my first major breakthrough, I spent over a decade battling with my body and relationship towards self.


There was a time when I didn’t know who I was or where I belonged. I did however know how to put up a very good facade by “doing” and “being” who I thought I “should” be to earn my acceptance in the world.


As a young girl with very little confidence, I felt out of control with life and so I started taking control of the one thing I thought I could control and that was my body.


I remember looking in the mirror and staring back at me was this young woman, her face gaunt and eyes nearly lifeless. Her brow heavy in despair and joy completely wrung dry from years of obsession, overindulgence to deprivation and mustn’t we forget self-loathing.


In this moment, It was as if I was looking at a stranger who was vaguely aware of the tenuous cord tethering my shell – to my fragmented mind, body and soul. What’s happening to me?, I think.   I am the victim of a body that is purely against me. Eventually I hear her whisper back at me..


“No. YOU are against your body”


It took me a long time to hear that voice and now after listening to her for quite some time now, what I realize is that it wasn’t my body against me at all. She was simply trying to speak to me the whole time. Yet I couldn’t hear her.  I couldn’t even see her.


My life was filled with an internal suffering of not knowing who I am, not being able to see my true beauty and and my spirit sucked dry of its true essence. My confusion in who I am, what am I to become? Will I ever be happy with just me?… Will I ever see my own beauty in the way that I see others?  If so, how the hell do I get there from here?


During this phase I incurred  many slip backs in my health with digestive disorders, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, food intolerances, weight fluctuations, nerve damage and the like.   I was stripped of pure nourishment on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


I felt powerless!


My wake up call!


After finding myself passed out on my living room floor was when I decided to make this so called “burdened” life into a journey of healing.  I had a choice in that moment to continue to suffer or to take this opportunity to start over and create the life of my dreams.


This began not only my journey back to health but my finding and following my spiritual path where teachers showed up in just the right time and with my insatious hunger for growth, I immersed myself in teachings and trainings along the lines of holistic health, life coaching, somatic facilitation, shamanic healing, to wilderness work, medicine walks, dreamwork, energy healing, movement and you name it, all to reclaim the parts of me I lost along the way of life and releasing what no longer serves me.  Basically it led me on the journey of the wounded healer, suffering through my own dark night of the soul moments (some lasting months) so that I could guide others with love and compassion on their journey.  


As I look back now, I can be grateful for the experiences I’ve gained and how they have been the catalyst for much of the work I do today.


Through this, I found my purpose, my mission and to where I began living an embodied and sovereign life simply by rekindling this sacred connection with my body, my soul and my divinity.


I see my life now through the eyes of a woman with an immense amount of compassion for herself and the world around her. I no longer run from my shadow yet I fully embrace all parts of my being as well as dedicate myself to sharing this message with women around the world so that they can see their true beauty and give themselves permission to walk their divine path, not the path carved out for them by others.  I get overjoyed as I watch these women remember who they are, why they are here and in turn embrace themselves wholly and completely.   


My body, my “self”… are now my allies.


They can be yours too!


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Dana Canneto is a women’s embodiment coach and empathic healer, founder of Body Divinity and Wild Beauty Revival Movement. Her work is driven by her belief that beauty is the gateway to all healing and that the body is the access point to one’s own feminine power, freedom and joy. 

She works with women who are ready to embody their light, reclaim their feminine power and embrace their innate beauty. Through their work together, her aim is to guide them from suffering to sovereignty, confusion to clarity, worthlessness to worthiness so they can feel alive and free to walk their divine path of beauty and passion.

Her work consists of a combination of modalities such as somatic facilitation, spiritual mentoring, energy healing, coaching, intuitive guidance, shamanic practices, drumming, and movement but above all else, her key ingredient is her ability to hold sacred safe sacred space so you feel seen heard and validated, and most known by her clients for her loving, down-to-earth, non-judgmental approach with an undying knack for beauty and transformation.

To learn more about how she can support you, click here.