How To Feel Safe In Your Body - Dana Canneto
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How To Feel Safe In Your Body

How To Feel Safe In Your Body

“Do you feel safe in your body?”

When I first heard this question or even pondered this word, “safety”, in relation to my body, it triggered something so deep in me. Like a deep resonance of pain, in how I’ve lived my life.

Feeling unsafe in my body 
Feeling unsafe to fully be me  
Feeling unsafe to be fully vulnerable and open 

Feeling unsafe to embody any version of my sensuality and sexuality  

 Over time this led to me living a life of self-destruction, needing to get a grip on something I thought I could control since I felt so out of control and “out-of-my-body”.  In that time, I manifested an eating disorder.  I was more than not, riddened with anxiety and depression and God forbid I was in a room alone with nothing to do but just be with “me”.   Anything to distract!

Which then manifested in a whole host of other physical and emotional symptoms, autoimmune challenges and the list goes on. 

So, what comes up for you around this word “safety” when it pertains to your body and how do you relate?…

If you are often disassociating from your body, not feeling “secure”, happy or in communion with your body, not tending to her needs, not trusting yourself often and going outside yourself for answers, and living a life of adversity and suffering, then these are just a few indications you are not feeling “safe” in your body.

A few other clues are:

  • Running away or distracting from painful emotions
  • Being in overwhelm and chaos
  • Living from a place of fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty
  • Distracting yourself with harmful habits that are not serving you
  • Have a hard time being present with yourself without needing to distract
  • Stomach and digestive issues
  • Headaches (which can often happen when you are not grounded)
  • Feeling numb and confused by your life’s path
  • Suppressing your feminine expression (beauty, self-care, adornment, etc.)

As a sensitive and empathic woman, this is common and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It IS however something to look deeper into so it can heal. 

When you are feeling “unsafe” in your body, you can’t truly be or love yourself, and that itself is painful.  

This is something I have learned to cultivate and what I assist other women in, truly feeling safe and home in their bodies.

Here are a few ways you can begin to and practice feeling safe in your body:

  • Embrace and at the same time, be in control of your emotions. You can feel them without completely withering away. Hold space for yourself and remember that you are safe, and any emotions that are surfacing, are surfacing for you to release them and let them go.  If we don’t embrace our emotions and let them go, we hold onto them in our body and they manifest into dis-ease. 
  •  Hold energetic and physical boundaries, and keep to them. Give yourself that permission. The more we can protect ourselves energetically from unwanted energies, we can live a more balanced life.  The more you are able to clear and protect your energy field, the more control you can be for my first point, in being able to discern your emotional state – what is yours, what is theirs, and tend to them from that space. They more you protect your physical space, the less drained and overwhelmed you will be.
  • Have a meditation practice whether its through being still or through movement (which I highly recommend). If this feels scary, start with 2 minutes and them go up from there. The more you can learn how to be in silence with yourself and your body and see how sacred it truly is, the more you can build up on that safety.  This will also greatly enhance your level of self-love and compassion.
  • What is it you love and indulge in those things. Over time as sensitive beings we can easily lose focus on what we love as we are focusing on everyone else which helps us distract away from our true feelings.  We often ignore and suppress our love for beauty or experiences because we feel shame or that we shouldn’t need these things or deserve them. This is all about igniting your senses and therefore your sensuality. When we distract away from what we truly desire and what lights us up and makes us feel alive, over time, we lose our vitality and life-force. Start to practice engaging in these very things again and see what happens!

You have every right to feel safe in your body and be in your joy. Whatever has happened in the past, was the past and you survived. Now is the time to face what is holding you back so you can break free from the suffering this might be causing you.  It’s a choice… and my invitation is to choose “you”!    I had no choice but to “choose me” and move through these and my only wish for you is to do the same.  The light is beautiful on the other side 😉 

If this is resonating and you would like to receive support, you can contact me here or email me at [email protected] to set up a connection call to see how I can support you. 

with love, 

xx Dana 

PS – Feel free to comment below around what stirred up in you as you read this?

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