Releasing Shame - Dana Canneto
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Releasing Shame

Releasing Shame

When I meet with a client, usually one of the first things that becomes apparent very early on is the amount of “shame” they are carrying.

What happens when we carry shame is it creates a trickle effect towards all other beliefs such as:



I’m not good enough
I’m a bad person
I am not worthy
I don’t deserve happiness
…and so on!

And what happens from there is we create instances in our lives to validate this. Not consciously of course but we attract instances where we feel alone, and as if we don’t belong.  We cut ourselves off from the world or more so, we feel that we are cut off from the world, and even from spirit, God, Universe (or however you refer to it as). 

This can play out by holding yourself back from being truly open in your relationships, or fully living your purpose, shutting yourself down from your own joy and happiness, dimming your light, and those visceral feelings of fear in using your own voice for the things that you want to say or simply want in life. In turn, cuts you off from your life force.



It’s my belief we are here to live out as the fullest expression of who we truly are! 

THIS is when we Succeed in life! 



Shame will block us from this – for lifetimes if we don’t take care of it. If we don’t acknowledge it, become aware of it, accept it and from there, see the actual truth so that you can let it go, it can stifle us!



I know how this feels first hand. Years of feeling ashamed, unworthy, undeserving and cutting myself off from my truth, my joy and my fullest expression. It felt like death!  Until that day came when it was time for me to see the real truth, the illusions I was creating and let it go so that I could be the fullest expression of me.



I chose to no longer suffer and wallow in this story of shame, and from there, had done a TON of work on myself to eradicate it. 



I have to say that what helped me most was standing in stillness, to only then allow my body to move to the rhythm she (my body) was calling me to move. This allowed me to feel the shame and all the other negative patterns and beliefs I had of myself, and see the truth. 



It was a way I was able to release what was dormant inside so that I could be FREE from all these convictions I laid upon myself from old stories and past patterns that were simply taking over my life.  



It was mind blowing how beautifully graceful and easy this process was.



I just recently had a session with one of my clients who had been holding onto shame for years, feelings of unworthiness and hadn’t been able to shake it. Nothing seemed to erase this lingering heaviness in her heart and soul.


We were moving through Portal 1 of Revival Dance – called “Re-Awaken” and in that session alone she went from deadened inside to alive – and if you could see the smile, the color in her eyes, the relief that took over her body during our first session – you wouldn’t believe the transformation. 



It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. 



I then received an email from her an hour later expressing her gratitude, how much she couldn’t believe how simple it was to release!  Something she has been working on for YEARS…  AND, most of it wasn’t even hers.  We were able to get to the bottom of who’s shame she was carrying, and energetically released it from her body.  



I share this with you because I would love to have everyone  experience letting go of shame stored in their body. It’s one of the number one factors that cuts us off from our life force and makes us feel dead inside


I can only imagine what will happen for her during the next few months we have together through this journey of Revival. 

….And I can only imagine what would happen if more women stepped into this Revival Dance journey. It excites me!

I truly ask you – why wait? Why keep holding onto the shame, blame and guilt of past stories and events, why dim your light and hold onto something that feels downright painful?



When we do this, we are giving our power away to those circumstances that created the beliefs in the first place, and those circumstances have no power of you!



If this speaks to you and you want to learn more about working with me 1:1 through the Revival Dance journey, you can find more details here.



You can also use this link here to hop on a call to discuss Revival Dance and this opportunity.  If for some reason you cannot find a time that suits you, please email me a [email protected] and we can work that out. 



Here’s to deepening into your embodiment!



In trust, faith and love, 

xx Dana 

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