Revival Dance - Dana Canneto
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Revival Dance

A Journey Back to You

A Remembering

A Reclaiming

A Re-Wilding of Your Spirit

A Revival of your Soul



through music & movement 



re·vive /rəˈvīv/: To bring back to life or consciousness, to give spirit to, to return, renew, recall, And in my words, To Ascend! 




Revival Dance is a divinely downloaded transformational methodology in music and movement that will quantum leap you into the truth of who you are, and who you are here to be.

Revival is the reclamation, revitalization, and restoration of your innate spirit.  It brings back to life the ancient feminine wisdom that resides inside of you, that is ready to be revived.

Dance simply put – is the way your body moves rhythmically to music, and that can be in any form that feels good to YOU!  There is no “right” way, only to follow the rhythm of your body and allow her to bring you alive! 




It is your birthright to be re-wilded and freed from adversity, to reclaim your power, your beauty, your joy, your truth and embody who you are!  And in turn, revive the collective human heart! 




What if you could experience your own unique power, beauty, and gifts within a space of radical self-love, compassion and acceptance of yourself, and in turn with the world around you? 




And you might be experiencing a radical awakening of your soul, and it feels hard.

This journey will only accelerate your awakening process, fast track your ascension and get you closer to the path you are seeking. 

In order to do that, we must love and be in radical acceptance of our humanness, our bodies, the sacred temples with which we reside, and embody the divinity that we are. 


When our body awakens


our spirit comes alive




You might feel energetically and emotionally exhausted, and have a deep longing to be freed from the ideals projected onto you from your upbringing, and society.  

You are SO powerful, you know that, but you easily shut your power down through fears of persecution, conflict, and to not overshadow someone else. 

You may not be fully trusting your own desires, values and path.  

You may be holding onto shame, blame, guilt that is suppressing your connection to yourself and in turn, to God, Source, Universe and others.



My dear sister,


This is an invitation.


I am here holding out my hand and inviting you to embark on this journey with me to wake up to the rhythms of your body, the essence of your soul and remember who you are!  


To wake up to the ancient wisdom that resides within you. To express your beauty, grace, power and truth. To find that inner trust you have been seeking and to once and for all reclaim and revive your divine spirit, the one that’s been dormant for some time.


It’s time to free yourself from captivity of the shoulds and step into your highest calling, by remembering the Goddess, Priestess, Divine Being you have always been.


It’s time to come home to you!


And I would be honored to be your Guide! 


“This body is yours. It’s your home. The keeper of your soul. The resting place of your spirit. No one can ever take that away.”
-Susan Colasanti




You are ready to remember her, you, the fiery young girl who was so lit up on life, so intuitive, tapped in and tuned in to the natural world around her.  You are ready to remember her, you, the wild wise woman that resides inside.  The one who is begging to be freed from her own captivity.  The one who is longing to relish in her sensuality and look upon her divine temple as the gift that she is.   The one who is longing to let go and let be, by dancing with her soul with abandon and step into the woman she is here to be.  

This right here, is the container to embarking on your safe journey home to you. Where you will wake up to your truth, your body and witness your spirit come alive! This is your access point!  


It’s time to fling your arms to the heavens and dance! 
To move beyond the limitations, you have created.  
To clear out the mental and emotional clutter. 
To let go of the rules you have placed on yourself or that others have placed upon you.
To start listening to the rhythm of your heart and the wisdom of your body.
  This is your time. 
To be freed. 






Hello Beautiful Soul, I’m Dana.

Even the most intuitive of us can get stuck. I spent years working with clients through multiple modalities of healing, and still felt that something was missing. Although I knew I was making a difference to others, I still felt my life-force lacking. I knew there was another level of authenticity I wanted to express through my work.

I came to realize, I was preoccupied with “doing it right”, following a mass of healing modality “rules” I had gathered through my trainings and certifications. Rather than embodying what I had been teaching all along – ‘let the body guide’, I was trying too hard to “get it right”.

In the past, I had healed my own suppressed soul, low self-esteem, loss of power, shame, guilt, body dysmorphia, unworthiness and chronic self-deprecation. When I felt distant and closed off from my own heart, I would come back home to my body, follow my own rhythm and dance,  Immediately I’d feel the transformation occur.

It was time I followed my own advice. I connected to the ancient roots in my body and let it guide me. Within the medicine of dance, I discovered what it was that had been missing, and that is when this methodology in movement was divinely downloaded and Revival Dance was birthed. 

I am now in a place of sovereignty, embodiment, self-love and constant evolution so I can serve others in this way. And, being an empath, it allows me to truly see you and sense what you’re moving through so that I can assist you and guide you back on your divine path towards your own empowerment.

Revival Dance is my medicine; it is my soul’s work. And I am so honored and grateful to offer it to you.


What is Revival Dance?


Revival Dance is a facilitated 1:1 journey through 9 divinely downloaded portals, sequenced to intentionally guide you – through explorative movement – to a place of radical rediscovery and empowerment, leaving you feeling revived and alive!

Each portal is accompanied with a unique and very intentionally created playlist of sacred music, all which include cueing and guidance from me, so that you can truly be in the experience, and let go any inhibitions and resistance that might show up for you. 

As you move through the journey, I will be by your side 100% through coaching, mentoring, healing sessions, either in-person (depending on where you live) or zoom and any additional support you may want between via voxer.




This is your opportunity to unfurl your wings and fly! To feel your essence again and reclaim who you are!

Revival Dance was my healing journey and now it’s ready to be shared with you, the world, to those it speaks to.  This is my heart and I want you to be a part of it. 

Each and every time I step into a portal I have a breakthrough, an answer, a revelation, an evolutionary shift to wholeness, and that is my intention for you! 





What others are saying…


“Dana is Unique and Powerful in leading women to a deeper understanding of their body/soul connection. Through movement, she intuitively guides you to a beautiful place you may never have known existed, may have forgotten existed, or through the traumas or stressors of life may have separated from. Her gentle approach, her generosity of spirit, and her powerful intuitive healing techniques come together through this modality of dance to awaken your soul and revive your spirit.”

Lisa Bailey-Schindehette

Artist, Women’s soul coach, and Free Spirit


“With strength, gentleness, grace and love, Dana guides you through a wave of going inward, deeply listening to your body’s wisdom, shedding what is no longer serving, and finally, claiming and embodying your truest and most powerful essence in the world. Beautifully held, the experience for me was the perfect invitation and container to drop into a sense of deep love for myself. Thank you, beautiful Dana!”

Katie Asmus

Founder of Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute


“Yes. Thank you. More Please! Having limited experience with these types of offerings I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did know that I could trust Dana to hold a powerful and safe container, so I went in open hearted and curious. And, Wow! So thrilled that I did. Dana set a beautiful container of sacred space and guided me on a journey of self-exploration I would never have anticipated. Her guidance allowed me to feel completely free to follow my own impulses. At times I was completely still and at others I noticed myself moving in ways I’d maybe never had before. Her music choices were impeccable. In the end I was deeply nourished and left in a truly blissful state. Dana’s offering of Revival Dance is a gift. One that I would highly recommend you give yourself.”

Maureen D, Boulder CO

Energy Healer


My soul and inner child wanted to dance, and I honored the call.  Desire for freedom, be in the flow. I also wanted to give my body a way to express herself. Since starting Revival Dance and honoring a need for playful dance, I have been able to have a regular self-care practice consisting of daily yoga and meditation that I had been resisting for a long time.. Revival Dance helps access parts of you faster than any talk therapy ever will.  I can’t explain it, you have to experience it.

– Edi


I wasn’t sure why I wanted to join the course… But I felt like I wanted to feel more in touch with and aware of my body and the feminine aspects of it. Plus – I love dance.

I often feel disconnected from my body and ungrounded. I wanted to see how dance and sound can connect within me. It’s something I work on a lot, but dancing forces me to be present and the questions asked to reflect as we dance provide a point of focus. When looking for guidance, we don’t always know what questions to answer.  I realized whilst dancing that old wounds were still present – how afraid I still was of myself for example.  I only saw this through this dance. I was able to see, speak, comfort, feel myself and learn to accept all that I saw.

I’d say this so far has been a magical experience! If you want to really sense your body, and embrace who you are as a soul, this course can do this.

Yemi Taiwo


I joined Revival Dance because I wanted to get rid of any layers that were not serving my highest good, anything that was blocking me subconsciously so that I can really own my authentic self and, also to tap into the Divine Feminine within, which I felt that I did not fully embody. Since starting Revival Dance, I feel empowered, some parts of myself that I had lost or gave away have returned. I also feel more creative and have started to draw, something I haven’t done in oh so many moons I also feel that I want to adorn myself with beauty and own the power of the divine feminine more so. I am setting intentions regarding the health of my body and confidently staying on track. I have been observing myself, the shifts, and have been holding space and gentleness. I have also been giving myself permission to do things that make me feel good without feeling guilty for doing so. This was a tricky one for me.  Revival dance is an awesome way to move through any blockages you may have. Through this movement we let go and it guides you into the fullness of your being, moving you through states of letting go, surrendering and bringing us to our authentic selves

 Anna Fabian






Email me at dana@danacanneto for any further questions.