Gratitude - Dana Canneto
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Working with Dana is a pure joy. She is incredibly intuitive and is able to get to the deep issues very quickly and in such a gentle way. She made me feel very safe and held such a loving space for me. She helped me make some huge shifts in just the first session! I’m so grateful for her wisdom and compassion. 

Lori Latimer

Discover Your Purpose… Choose Your Direction

Dana is someone who holds beautiful space and provides tools in a safe environment to help tune into your intuition and body to heal oneself and be more alive.

My biggest challenge when I first came to Dana was unhealed trauma, guilt, shame, unworthiness, and living from ego thoughts.

I said yes to working with Dana.  I could tell that what she offers is a safe, inviting feeling which was what I was looking for in a person to help me on this journey.

Since working with Dana , I have had an amazing ride…I have never been more honest with anyone and myself.  I’ve let go of guilt and shame and unworthiness that has consumed me since I was a little girl, and I feel finally at a place of deserving.  I feel like I matter for once. that everything makes sense now, the lessons, the journey, the trauma.  I was so lonely when I started working with Dana, and I haven’t felt “lonely” since the first “release” healing session.  That in and of itself is gold to me.  like hitting the internal lotto.  I never made decisions from my body, and people pleased uncontrollably, all that has changed.  I feel more empowered in my body, in my self.  I am finally excited to be alive.

My desires when I started were to be HAPPY.  I feel that through all of this work with Dana, that has finally come into fruition.  I am so so grateful for her work & how she makes you feel completely safe. Everything FINALLY makes sense.  It has  been an amazing experience, and know that I had made the most (and what felt like the first time in my life) the right decision coming to see Dana.


Lisa M, NY

Before Revival Dance, I was looking for a way to reconnect with myself, to remember and reclaim what has been lost along the way.  To stop being what others want me to be.  To not be a chameleon (adjusting so that others are comfortable).   To be comfortable in my own skin and let bright light shine.     Before Revival Dance I was numb, going through the monotony of life.  Hiding my light so that others don’t feel uncomfortable, digging myself in a deeper and deeper hole.  Since working with Dana I have reconnected with my younger self,  remembering how I was as a young girl, so carefree, happy and full of love.  During one of the portal’s, I very clearly saw and felt as though I was in the ocean. I was swimming from the bottom to the top toward the sun.  The closer I got the happier I felt.  The past is under me, the future bright.  Your poem, “What the Ocean Taught Me” was perfectly timed!   Revival Dance is so rejuvenating and you will truly feel revived!



I wasn’t sure why I wanted to join the course… But I felt like I wanted to feel more in touch with and aware of my body and the feminine aspects of it. Plus – I love dance.

I often feel disconnected from my body and ungrounded. I wanted to see how dance and sound can connect within me. It’s something I work on a lot, but dancing forces me to be present and the questions asked to reflect as we dance provide a point of focus. When looking for guidance, we don’t always know what questions to answer.  I realized whilst dancing that old wounds were still present – how afraid I still was of myself for example.  I only saw this through this dance. I was able to see, speak, comfort, feel myself and learn to accept all that I saw.

I’d say this so far has been a magical experience! If you want to really sense your body, and embrace who you are as a soul, this course can do this.


Yemi Taiwo

Since working with Dana I have been experiencing a shift in my wellbeing. She encouraged me to delve deep into the past regarding my body story and her non-judgmental manner made me feel safe to explore issues that I have been neglecting regarding my health. She also encouraged me to use my intuition to work out exactly what my body needs, which is revolutionizing my relationship with my body, and making me feel so much more at peace with it. 


Rozynna Fielding

I feel so much lighter in my body and spirit, I have made a 360 degree change to where my mind always led my body and now I’m more aware of my body speaking to my mind. I appreciate my body so much more now. This program has given me the tools to make permanent lifestyle changes that I can live with, I’ve also lost weight and inches which was primary but now secondary. I feel like a light has turned on inside. A veil has been lifted. YES, I have reached a state of “bodylove”.   


Margaret, Westchester, NY

Thank You for being such a positive, kind and genuine caring part of my life, I really appreciate everything you do for me!!!”



Working with Dana is a gentle, exquisite and profound experience. She truly understands how to create a safe space and guide you to open up to the deep truth & wisdom of the body. Her work is a beautiful gift and blessing for a realized woman.

Alexandra Zach

I started working with Dana in March 2018. From the very beginning, our meeting felt like it was destined to be. I most certainly called her in, because I was in need of help. I was looking for some guidance; I reached a point in my life where I felt stuck and confused and had no idea which direction to go regarding my relationship, my career, etc. I was truly unhappy and I did not know what I needed, but lucky for me working with Dana was exactly it.  In just 3 sessions so many things shifted in my life! I couldn’t be more in awe of what has happened in such a short amount of time.

Dana has such a gift, she has a very calming energy, which has made me feel so comfortable to open and release. I’ve been able to open up to her and share all of the things that I’ve been holding onto so deeply in my mind, my body and my heart.  I had no idea how affected I was by all of these things that I’ve been keeping inside.  Being able to process and release all of this emotion has really shifted things forward for me. Dana holds the space for you to do this. She is such a strong, powerful being that she can hold the space for you to experience all of this on your own. She’s held the space for me to release what I’ve been holding onto and has acted as a mirror for me so that I could start to see who I really am and connect to my true self on a much deeper level.

After each session I’ve had, major shifts have occurred.  After my sessions with Dana, everything became clear and I didn’t have to do anything really. Just by opening up and sharing, the shift occurred naturally and it all fell into place. In the sessions following, more and more has started to open up with my relationship and career and I am so encouraged to continue on this path of connecting to my true self. I’ve learned that for me the most important thing right now is to focus on myself; what I love, what brings me joy and happiness and by doing that things will continue to unfold as they are meant to.  I keep receiving signs that I am on the right path. I am so grateful for the experiences I’ve had so far and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Kelly M, NY

My soul and inner child wanted to dance and I honored the call.  Desire for freedom, be in the flow. I also wanted to give my body a way to express herself. Since starting Revival Dance and honoring a need for playful dance, I have been able to have a regular self-care practice consisting of daily yoga and meditation that I had been resisting for a long time.. Revival Dance helps access parts of you faster than any talk therapy ever will.  I can’t explain it, you have to experience it.


I joined Dana’s Program, Revival Dance because I wanted to get rid of any layers that were not serving my highest good, anything that was blocking me subconsciously so that I can really own my authentic self and, also to tap into the Divine Feminine within, which I felt that I did not fully embody. Since starting Revival Dance I feel empowered, some parts of myself that I had lost or gave away have returned. I also feel more creative and have started to draw, something I haven’t done in oh so many moons 🙂 I also feel that I want to adorn myself with beauty and own the power of the divine feminine more so. I am setting intentions regarding the health of my body and confidently staying on track. I have been observing myself, the shifts, and have been holding space and gentleness. I have also been giving myself permission to do things that make me feel good without feeling guilty for doing so. This was a tricky one for me.  Revival dance is an awesome way to move through any blockages you may have. Through this movement we let go and it guides you into the fullness of your being, moving you through states of letting go, surrendering and bringing us to our authentic selves


Anna Fabian

Dana is a very special lady and a very wise woman. She is intuitive, insightful and knowledgeable beyond her years. Our body is our temple and Dana gave me the roadmap to form a relationship with mine, a journey on a dusty, rough road that had long since been lost. I never truly realized the importance of and the capacity for our body to be totally in tune with who we are. I was amazed by how everything we do, say and think has an impact on our body and on our energies. Thank you Dana for opening up the door to my new self.


Tana Dawn, The Women’s Transformational Coach

I am so grateful to have worked with Dana.  I felt so completely safe to talk with her – I thank her for all the great advice and insights.   She even helped me discover a pattern I had taken on from my mother that kept me feeling overwhelmed. Now its time to shift and nurture myself the way I deserve!  Thank you & much love to you.”


Katja, Germany

During my time with Dana I have experienced amazing shifts in my relationship with my body, including learning to love her regardless of my past beliefs on how she should look. When we started working together, I was run down, suffered from persistent tendonitis and was constantly bloated and irregular.  Through Dana’s guidance, dedication and unique approach to healing, my diet started shifting.  I started learning to listen to my body and gravitate towards foods and activities that serve me best.  No longer do I believe in forcing myself into unrealistic diets that result in an unending cycle of deprivation and overindulgence.  The self loathing I formerly had towards myself transitioned into love and compassion.  And through all these changes, I have begun to see drastic shifts in my energy levels!  I am confident in my ability to nurture my body and myself.  I am so grateful for the love and support from Dana and I am forever grateful to have found the best possible coach!


Casey Thompson