Workshops - Dana Canneto
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Next workshop series will Start June 2019

Sensitive Soulful Women’s Embodiment Series

Be Who You Are and Walk Your Divine Path as a Sensitive Soulful Woman

Are you a sensitive and/or empathic woman ready to be empowered? Sensitive people are gifted, highly intuitive individuals and natural born healers that have great insights and awarenesses. Learn to embrace this quality, trust it and experience the JOY it can bring!

Being Sensitive is a Sacred Gift and it’s time to embody your divine gifts of intuition, deep listening, deep feeling and having the unique ability to create a life filled with more beauty than you can imagine.

Have you often been told you are sensitive? Do you feel DEEPLY and sometimes not know how to handle your emotions? Perhaps you take on the energy of others and the environments around you and possibly given your power away more times than you can count. People pleasing has been your way of safely navigating through life and connecting with others.  You might be in relationships that feel stifling and overwhelming and not sure how to hold clear boundaries. Have you been looking for your “tribe” and that sense  of “belonging?”

These (above) are just a few of the common traits and if any or all speak to you with resonance, than this series is for you.

There is no better time than now to come back home to self , to your gifts and fully give yourself the freedom and permission to embody who you are.


You can also email or call 914-419-2238 to ask any questions.