My Turning Point - Dana Canneto
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My Turning Point

My Turning Point

Just a few years ago I woke up to this deep inner knowing that I had a much deeper purpose in life and it wasn’t to be commuting 3 hours back and forth to NYC everyday working in a career I had very little passion for. I knew I was here to assist, to support and to share my compassion for humanity in some way. The feeling was so strong I said YES to it. I accepted the offer from the Universe to switch gears and play my part.


This was when my journey began towards self-discovery and waking up to more than just to the mere fact I had a deeper purpose but it woke me up to a whole new aspect of life…and a whole new way of being which is by far more enlightening than what I previously knew.

When we come into this world, we have no preconceived notions or ideas of “how” we should be or how we should look… we just are “how we are” and we are creative and imaginative and we play and sing and dance and it doesn’t matter how we look or sound…. but as we grow and learn and become educated through our parents, siblings, the media, our friends, our peers, in the different schools of thought, we do and can very easily become clouded as to what we truly want or who we truly are and we lose a big part of ourselves along the way….which is a part of life and the way we learn and grow. Before I “woke up”…. for quite a few years I took a LONG road…through a very rough and rocky journey…one I will never regret yet one that at the time, I often played victim to.

I lost myself… I didn’t know who I was anymore and therefore I punished myself…and by way of my body…

Can you feel that?


Can you relate?

…Maybe you berate your body but have no idea that it’s so much deeper than your body and if you can only find those parts of yourself that you lost along the way then you can build and have a whole new happy, healthy, relationship with your body and therefore yourself?


If we are not in harmony with ourselves, how can we be in harmony with others?

Where are you compensating and therefore resenting in your relationships?

Where are you sabotaging?

Where or what are you running away from?


How can you bring yourself back home to who YOU are…..and BE one with your body…. to feel… EVERY emotion and be OK with it…to let yourself cry, to let yourself laugh, to let yourself play, to let yourself relax, to feed yourself high energy life force by way of food and lifestyle…. these are all the things that I finally allowed myself to do that woke me up….that brought me back home to myself.


It’s time to love your shadow in order to see your light!


Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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