Illuminate - Dana Canneto
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There is a light so bright inside of you!

It’s time to let it shine!



When we’re feeling confused or lacking in clarity it can create anguish inside of us on a physical, emotional and mental level. With Illuminate you will receive direct guidance as to how to move forward. 

With an Illuminate session, we focus on the “light”.  This is about bringing light “to” what is right with you, and bring your attention to what you actually would love to create for yourself to experience more harmony, balance and beauty in your life. We are simply “illuminating” the energies that will propel you forward, rather than keep you stagnant in where you are!  


What is Illuminate?…



Illuminate is a very powerful 1:1 intuitive reading & healing session.

You bring your question forth and through a blend of Celtic Shamanic journeying, intuitive channeling, energy medicine, I receive messages from your guides  as well as my own to assist you on your path.

Each time I am in awe of the information that comes through that is so divinely unique to you, and in service to your questions and intentions. 




The information you receive can be…


Guidance around what you are most desiring right now

△ Guidance in areas where you are feeling most stuck in your life

△ Rituals, remedies  and practices to support you

△ Transmissions and healings in order to release stuck energies

△ Answers to questions you might ask, such as…

      • What is my bigger purpose?
      • Which decision shall I choose in this situation?
      • How can I best be supported through this challenge?
      • What will assist me through this health challenge? 


How the session flows…


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a link to a short form to fill out and we will schedule our call together.

Before we connect, I will facilitate the distant Celtic Shamanic drumming journey.  

We will then follow up with a 72-minute Illuminate session to go over all the information received and to facilitate what is needed in our time together, for your deepest transformation and healing. 






Reflections from others…


“I did the Illuminate process with Dana and was amazed at how spot on she was.  My sister passed away recently and she shared something that didn’t make sense to her yet I’m so glad she listens and shares everything … it ended up being very profound for me.  There was a ritual that I ended up going through based on the Illuminate process and it was just what I needed.  I love working with Dana.  She is so gifted and I will be doing this process with her again in the future.”

– Mary Grothe, Reiki Practitioner, Austin, Texas




“Working with Dana has been an amazing beautiful gift.  She is highly intuitive, compassionate and insightful. Her approach is gentle and she provides nourishing, transformative guidance that is truly soulful and divine. I recently signed up for an Illuminate session.  This symbolic wisdom helped me increase my self- awareness and deeply connect to nature and my higher-self. There were so many synchronicities I had discovered along the journey with the support of Dana’s intuition.  Before I started, I felt very anxious and experiencing unhealthy emotions such as fear, shame and guilt. The divine wisdom that I had experienced during this time allowed me to feel peace, comfort, and more present. I also felt a sense of relief, trust and comfort like the universe was hugging me. This beautiful journey with Dana has also inspired me to awaken my soul’s purpose and cultivate more joy and abundance in my life. It has been a true honor to work with her. I am blessed to have this experience and to have her support and guidance. I loved interacting with her and making new discoveries that served my highest good. Thank you Dana for sharing your magical gifts!” – Karen, Artist, New York



“I had a mind blowing session with Dana Canneto! It gave me so much clarity!   She did her Illumination magic on me! The accuracy of what her guides showed her about me was incredible. She is gifted and she is a wonderful human to spend time with. She proved to me that we are made of star stuff…as if I needed any more proof.  Dana was shown that my desire for a covered arena to do my work during inclement weather was in North Salem or South Salem, NY. I had been driving by this farm in South Salem pretty regularly. I couldn’t see a covered arena from the road, but I felt an intuitive hit each time I saw this gorgeous farm. I decided to call the farm and it turns out they have a heated indoor covered arena and we are close to a deal!  I am so grateful for Dana’s beautiful gifts! Hire this woman immediately. She is brilliant.  Book your session with her immediately do not hesitate. This woman is pure magic. ❤️

With gratitude,”Jennifer Peterson, Equus Life & Business Coach & Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, New York




Please note that if you choose the 2-pay option, your session will be scheduled after the full payment is received.