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Radiate Your Beauty


Embody Your Light


4-Week journey

to Illuminate your Soul


illuminate (v.)

To supply or brighten with light, to make luminous or shining, to enlighten spiritually or intellectually, to radiate



light (n.)

A form of energy – an extraordinary phenomenon that illuminates our world (aka. your being) and makes it visible.



There is a light so bright inside of you


It’s time you allow it to shine! 


When I speak of beauty, I speak of it on many spectrums, almost to the point I couldn’t describe it in words, I could only FEEL it, until I came across a concept by Native American Culture called Hózhó, which refers to the interconnectedness between beauty, harmony and goodness in all things physical and spiritual that results in  health and well-being for all things and beings. 

When I read this, I got a YES YES throughout my whole body!  It is your birthright not only to feel beautiful but to experience the beauty all around you!


Beauty is Healing!


Beauty can be experienced through radical self-care, through sensory experiences, adornment and in whatever “flavor” beauty means to you.  Yet it’s giving yourself permission to go there. 

You are beautiful, whole, brilliant and divine and with Illuminate, we illuminate the “remembering” of your unique beauty – the messy, the pure, the beautiful, the divine, in its human form!


Shil Hózhó – With me there is beauty

Shii Hózhó – In me there is beauty

Shaa Hózhó – From me radiates beauty


You may have gone through life, dimming your light down to make others, as well as yourself, feel safe.  

I completely get you sister.  This was my life.  As an empath and sensitive soul, I’d rather feel safe and steer clear from confrontation than to embody a part of me that might set someone off.  Yet, these are usually those parts of yourself that are the shiniest, happiest, most beautiful parts of you. The parts of you that are the most painful to subdue but somehow you’ve managed to do so. It felt safer.  

Yet, it is your birthright to be who you are, to be in your power and your beauty so I say, let’s give yourself permission to do so! 


No more dimming your light
No more shutting down your wild-hearted spirit
No more conforming for others benefit
No more “forgetting” who you truly are


Which is… (at your core)…..


Wild, Joyous and Free


Illuminate is a very simple – yet super powerful – four-week experience to experiencing your radiance and beauty.   It’s to experience the ancient feminine one of you, who has more wisdom than she can even comprehend. The one who loves to experience life through her senses, who is wild at heart and loves to adorn herself (in whatever that looks like for you) yet perhaps hasn’t done so in a long time or feels shy in doing so, so not to over shadow others. 


Through my authentic style of bite-sized, right-as-you-need-it mentorship and guidance, I’ll help not only reflect your beauty back to you but bring out the best in you, and infuse your journey with ease, grace, beauty and joy, by reminding you, each and every time, who you are. 


I don’t believe you need me, or anyone telling you how to be or what to do. 


I do believe you might just need a little guidance, as in someone to hold sacred loving space, who’s been right where you are and offer you support when you need it, so that you can then choose what’s best for you! 


I don’t necessarily believe you need to learn anything new.


I believe you just might need a reminder here and there of your power and that this journey can be simpler than you are making it, where you can transform those areas that you are wanting to change, quicker and easier than you realize! 


You just need to “want” to do so! And allow me to guide you towards doing just that! 


What if you could transform this in just 4-weeks? 


I am here to tell you, you can! You truly truly can.

Here’s the thing…. we must bring light to it and when I say bring “light” to it, I don’t mean “shine light on it”…  no, that is NOT what I mean.  I think we tend to “shine light on” too many things in life that we find are “wrong” with ourselves.  This is about bringing light “to” it, so that we can transmute it and then shine light onto what we actually want to create and of course, shine light on the beauty that you are and experience what that FEELS like in your body! You might be pleasantly shocked to what you experience through this.  


Beauty is Healing!


Beauty allows you to focus more on the things that light up your soul, it raises your vibration, and so…. imagine being able to have someone supporting you daily, in keeping you in this higher vibration of beauty and light, at any time throughout the day, through this mentorship (right in your pocket!) for the next 4-weeks. 




The more you focus on the things that are wrong with you and your world, the more that thing will stay JUST AS IT IS!

The more you focus on the very thing you are looking to feel inside and be, you than can create it from there.   We are simply “illuminating” the energies that will propel you forward, rather than keep you stagnant in where you are! 

This journey doesn’t have to be hard, it can be playful and that is what Illuminate is. It’s a magical and playful ultra personalized journey and experience just for you!    


This is for you if… 


  • You want to feel joyfully aligned with your body, path and purpose, and with faith, knowing full well your desires can manifest. 
  • You want to feel secure in your body, relationship(s) and empowered in life. 
  • You want to feel beautiful and alive again, as a woman embodied in her divine feminine essence. 
  • You want to feel healthier in your body (in case you were unaware, I’m a nutrition geek and certified holistic health coach 😉 … 
  • You want to feel confident and control of your mind with a level of self-trust and flow.   
  • You are seeking how to find ways to feel safe in your body as an energetically sensitive soul and empath.
  • You are looking for positive change in your life. Something in your life is seeking to be transformed for the better.
  • You are reading this, and it’s all calling and speaking to you! =) 


The Illuminate Journey is Transformative 


For 4-weeks, you will be held and supported with direct and daily 1:1 space-holding and support from me.  

I have a keen ability to “see” beyond the veil. To hone in on your essence before you even speak words.  This is how I am able to intuit and guide my clients so gracefully through whatever they are moving through, by holding that sacred space for your evolution.

My other gift is receiving messages, through clairvoyance and claircognizance guidance to assist you on your path and to guide you towards what is needed for you to move forward.  I’m also a pretty good cheerleader and LIVE for lifting you up to how I SEE YOU! Which is always in light and beauty! 

As you may have gathered already, I love to infuse beauty in everything I do, through ceremony, ritual and prayer, drumming, and of course through music and movement.

ILLUMINATION will assist you in moving forward and beyond any illusions you have of your self and propel you in the direction of your longing.  


How Does This Work? 


  • This cycle will begin August 1st but you must sign up by July 21st.
  • As soon as you sign up, you will receive a link to a short form to fill out for me.
  • I will facilitate a distant shamanic drumming journey, where I will journey for you, (distantly) to get clear guidance from my guides that will shed light on the areas we most need to focus on, as well as their insights on what rituals, practices and remedies will most benefit you. 
  • You will receive (2) 1:1 60-minute calls with me – One at the start of our time together to and then one at the time we close for further integration. 
  • During these 4 weeks you will have unlimited access to me via voxer (free app that acts like a walkie talkie) or email, for space holding, and support (this ALONE is golden) – like having your own mindbodyset personal trainer in your pocket at all times! 
  • You will also receive daily reflection, morning voxers/emails (depending on which route you take) with insights, inspiration and reflection from me to ILLUMINATE your TRUTH, BEAUTY and POWER


There are always opportunities to continue thereafter with more, however you could have your biggest breakthrough in just these 4 weeks together and that is my wish for you so you can go off and have the tools to empower yourself moving forward. 

Because of the attention I give to each individual and this process, and wanting to be sure that I am able to work with you very closely….


I can only accept FIVE women at this time and you must sign up by July 21st.  


We will begin August 1st

(you must register by July 21st) 


They go FAST to claim your spot!


Click below to register


Full Pay Option:

2-Pay Option: 

Email me at dana@danacanneto for questions.