Illuminate - Dana Canneto
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There is a light so bright inside of you!

It’s time to let it shine! 



illuminate (v.)

To supply or brighten with light, to make luminous or shining, to enlighten spiritually or intellectually, to radiate.



Beauty is Healing!


There is a concept by Native American Culture called Hózhó, which refers to the interconnectedness between beauty, harmony and goodness in all things physical and spiritual that results in  health and well-being for all things and beings. 

It is your birthright not only to feel and know your innate beauty but to create and experience the beauty of you and all around you!

It’s giving yourself permission to experience it from a place of reverence and worthiness.  With Illuminate, we illuminate the “remembering” of your unique wild beauty – the messy, the pure, the beautiful, the divine, in its human form!

Through this experience, I will receive guidance from your guides as well as mine, that are very clear, practical yet filled with magic and beauty. These messages are intended to bring you clarity around your specific intention you come to me with which provides guidance in where you are now on this particular path to where you are headed and whilst infusing information and guidance in how you can move forward with more ease, grace, beauty and joy as you stand in your sacred sovereignty..



Ready for Transformation? 



With an Illuminate session, we focus on the “light”.  This is about bringing light “to” what is right with you, and bring your attention to what you actually would love to create for yourself to experience more harmony, balance and beauty in your life. We are simply “illuminating” the energies that will propel you forward, rather than keep you stagnant in where you are!  





What to expect… 


Click the button below to purchase a session.  

Thereafter, you will receive a link to a short form to fill out.  Once you have filled that out, I will facilitate a distant Celtic Shamanic drumming journey, where I get clear (and playful) guidance that will shed light on the areas you are most needing to focus on alongside rituals and experiences, practices, remedies that will most benefit you.  

You will receive (1) 72-minute call with me to go over all the information I received in the journey and offer guidance, support, transmissions, healings and whatever else is required for our time together. This call will be recorded for your safe keeping.   

Please note that if you choose the 2-pay option, your session will be scheduled after the full payment is received. 



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