Body Divinity Emergence - Body Divinity
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Body Divinity Emergence

Where you are Reborn and Return to You


Emergence  is a noun that goes back to the Latin root emergere, meaning “bring to light”.
Just as something comes to light or shows up where there was darkness or nothing before, an emergence happens.



With the magic of emergence all things will come into “light” for you. Your “relationship” to everything will transform before your eyes.  You will reach a new level of consciousness and have access to the things you desire most in your life. This is where your shadows become your biggest gifts!


New beautiful relationships will emerge, abundance will emerge and you will be living in a space of freedom in body, mind and soul.  You will leave here completely empowered and sure of yourself.  Trust is the number one challenge for sensitive souls and as you move through this Emergence Program that will no longer be challenge for you. You will make decisions wisely and intuitively and you will no longer looks at your sensitivities as hindrances but look at them as the most empowering set of traits you have.


You will step into your power, embrace your inner guru, embody your gifts and radiate the love that you are.


What happens when you emerge onto this journey is you find yourself in the land of peace and serenity you have been seeking.  Trusting your intuition, embodying your spirit and in harmony with your beingness.  You will have no question as to why you are here and what life has in store for you.  You will be able to manifest those things you have been “trying” to call in with more grace and ease, I guarantee!


This voyage will take you to the island of you, reclaiming your essence and empowering you to walk your divine path, in all your beauty.


On this journey, we take it to a whole other level!


We create soul-aligned truths in your body to act as your new GPS towards how you are most wanting to FEEL in your every day waking life so you can live life as you desire all while breaking through resistance, stories, and belief systems that stand in the way of you moving forward in any areas of your life.


You will live your life from a soul-centered, accepting, self-expressed and relaxed perspective that actually allows for life change to unfold faster and more in alignment with your vision.


You will literally be taking quantum leaps towards your highest frequency and vibration.


I will be using several modalities as a ways to cleanse and purify your body at each level through the 7 energy centers in your body called the chakras starting at the root.   You will also walk away with very concrete, practical tools that you can practice and do on your own throughout this time together and beyond.


You will gain a whole new relationship with yourself as well as relationship in other areas of your life such as relationships, finances, job transitions, sensitivities, health challenges, soul-purpose, personal power, dealing with change, grief and align more spiritually in connection to the divine source within you and therefore the world around you.  It’s only when our own energy is aligned that what we manifest in the world is aligned! That’s where this will happen for you!


All sessions are available from anywhere via skype/phone or in person at my local office in Mt. Kisco, NY at The Center for Health and Healing


What you will receive:


  • A clearing and activation of each chakra from root to crown using my several energy healing modalities
  • A sense of security in your life from an all grounding and all knowing space.
  • Understand of your energy centers and how to use them as your most valuable manifesting mojo powers.
  • How to call in your deepest desires
  • Have access to easy and fun energy management tools and self-care rituals to keep you in alignment.
  • Understand and use your emotions as a way to receive messages through the body.
  • Embrace your inner guru through self-trust and your deeper connection to spirit
  • Have a deeper knowing and understanding why you are here and with the ability to take action on it
  • Be more present life and finding the beauty in every situation life has to offer you
  • Activating the heart and throat chakra where you will open up the channels towards using your voice from a place of truth
  • Reclaim your power and feeling confident in your ability to stand in your truth on a daily basis
  • Heal your body from any physical and emotional challenges
  • Heal from current and past relationships
  • Rewire your system to embody your new stories, those you are ready to embody and live by
  • Naturally radiate confidence, joy and self-love
  • Deepen your connection to spirit as spirit you are.


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