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Work With Me

All programs and sessions are available virtually or in-person


I gather you are a woman who feels so deeply and who is ready to regain access to her power and her innate joy.  You know you are being called for something greater and perhaps you are unsure how to even get there. You might be struggling at this time through waves of grief, trying to manage your sensitivities in an insensitive world and finding it hard to feel alive and revitalized.  There is a sense of awakening happening in your body that doesn’t always feel comfortable and in turn you are being challenged with waves of uncontrollable emotions and feelings of shame.


I see you sister!


Your fun and wild spirit is ready to be unleashed.  She’s waking up to her gifts and the world needs you more than ever! It’s time to answer to your body’s calls and awaken the divine feminine within!


I gather you are here because you are ready to embody all of you – your truth, your beauty, self-worth, joy, power and purpose and I say WELCOME!  You are in the right place!  I invite you to take a deep breath, sink into your belly and feel what it would feel like to be supported, held and loved on your journey towards reclaiming these parts of you that may have gotten lost along the way.


It’s Time to Come Alive!



Below you will find all my current offerings.

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 A Return to Self


Re-Awaken is a 1:1 private mentoring quest where I will guide you through the 4 main pillars of returning to you.  This is just the beginning of the Body Divinity Journey toward remembering all of who you are. It’s about re-awakening your body to your true essence, your senses, joy, purpose and passions!

As a sensitive empathic soul, we have a way of repressing old wounds that get stored in the body. We conform to our surroundings to feel safe.  We nurture and care for others whilst forgetting about ourselves and on the way, we lose our self.  We forget who we are. With Re-Awaken you will remember and restore who you are at the core.  You will wake up to your wise wild woman with reverence while you experience a deeper level of self-love, compassion and self-trust.

With Re-Awaken we begin with a 90-minute session to open the portal for our time together followed by 4 (75 minute) sessions (via phone or in-person) plus limited email support between sessions.


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Ascend to Higher Self


Rise is a 4-month – 1:1 private mentoring voyage dedicated to your biggest challenges and struggles as a sensitive empathic woman.  Each woman has her unique template.  We will start off with tapping into your unique template so that we can create a blueprint for our time together as to what areas we need to focus on whether it’s with relationships, addictions, grief, depression, body image, anxiety, physical pain, awakening (ascension), health challenges and the like.

I will use energy medicine, movement as well as spiritual mentorship as a way to clear blocks so you can Rise Up out of the ashes you have been living in, reclaim your power and joy, reconnect with and trust your wise wild woman who is ready to be unleashed and embodied.

With Rise we begin with a 2-hour session to open the portal for our time together followed by 8 (75 minute) bi-weekly intuitive guidance sessions (in person or virtually) plus email and text support between sessions. There will be an opening and closing ceremony as a way to enrich the portal and hold the energetic container for our time together and given important body rituals to integrate and ground the work we complete together.


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Reclaim your Power and Divine Nature


Emergence is a noun that goes back to the Latin root emergere, meaning “bring to light”.

Just as something comes to light or shows up where there was darkness or nothing before, an emergence happens.


Re-Emerge is my most intimate of programs designed specifically for you. This is a personalized 1:1 private excursion that includes mentoring, somatic work, magic, movement and energy healing whilst we move through the nine signature portals towards what I call, Embodied Freedom.

As mentioned with Rise, each woman has her very own template. We will access your divine template and use that as a grid to move forward in re-activating the parts of you that have gotten lost or feel lost along the way. This will revive your entire system to a place of wholeness and clarity on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

With the magic of Re-Emerge all things will come into “light” for you. Your “relationship” to everything will transform as you reach a new level of confidence and consciousness whilst having access to the things you desire most. Your shadows become your biggest gifts and release the judgements of self that have tied you down in the past. When you re-merge with those parts of you that you have disowned, such as “joy” and “love”, you merge with the divine!

You will walk away feeling empowered and sure of yourself  leading to a feeling of freedom in body, mind and soul.  Trust is the number one challenge for sensitive empathic souls and as you move through the Re-Emerge Program, you will gain access to that trust again.

This excursion will take you to the island of you, reclaiming your essence and empowering you to walk your divine path, in all your beauty and unleashing your most authentic self!

With Re-Emerge we begin with a 2-hour intensive as a way to open the portal followed by (12) 75-minute sessions, access to email or text for any questions or support in between sessions, audio meditations to activate your higher self and purpose at the start of the program, recordings from Revival Dance™ as a touchpoint for the 9 gateways to Embodied Freedom! Lastly, we begin and end with a sacred ceremony as a way to enrich the portal we open which will hold the energetic container for our time together.


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Re-Vival Dance™

A Revival of You
The Ultimate Path to Embodied Freedom


Revival Dance is offered in two ways, via a 9-week virtual journey where you will move through the 9 main portals of self-discovery towards liberation and what I call “Embodied Freedom” through movement, mentorship and community as well as an in-person 90 minute journey moving through the portals through movement, ceremony and as well community.

This journey is the direct passageway to freedom where you remember who you are, reclaim your power and divine beauty and in turn revive your essence, joy and innate spirit. You will find home within your divine body temple and activate the wise wild woman within.

For those who want to go even deeper as you move through these portals, I will be offering an option to add 1:1 private offering throughout the experience.

Look out for the group virtual program to launch in March 2018! 


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Not sure which options is right for you?


That’s OK! Book your free consult with me by clicking here and I will help you decide what’s the best fit.



In-Person Sessions:


I offer 1:1 in-person sessions in Briarcliff Manor, NY.  Email me at or call 914-419-2238 to schedule a session.


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